The countdown can be paused at any time before 30 Seconds is up.

Click the "PAUSE COUNTDOWN" button to pause the countdown timer.

Click the "COUNTDOWN PAUSED" Text to resume the countdown timer from where it got to.

Click the "Countdown Time" to reset the countdown back to 30 Seconds and automatically start counting down again.


NODE-RUNNER-AUTOSLEEPER requires NODE-RUNNER-AUTOSLEEPER.bat to perform any actions after the countdown finishes.

My original intention was to include PC Sleep Functionality into NODE-RUNNER-AUTOSLEEPER, but this is slightly more complex than I had first anticipated due to the way Windows handles Sleep / Hibernate / Hybrid Sleep.

Suggestion - Use NODE-RUNNER-AUTOSLEEPER with another "Shutdown" application, like PowerOff3, which supports Command Line Switches, to achieve an actual PC Sleep / Shutdown.

I hope to include PC "Sleep" Functionality in a future release of NODE-RUNNER-AUTOSLEEPER.