- NR-L2L -



!!! NR-Log2Log - NR-L2L - V1 !!!

!!! Easy / Simple, Manual / Automatic, Log "Typer".

Type a "Source" Text Log file into a "Destination" Text Log file.

 Designed for use with "NODE-RUNNER.BAT", "NR-MultiLoader" or an "Automated / Automation" Equivalent.

NR-L2L uses a ".BAT" file, created using "NR-L2L", "Save" Button, with the same FileName as "NR-L2L".

Multiple, separately configured, "NR-L2L" ".exe" Files can be stored and run, at the same time, from the same "Home" folder.

Automatic Import can be configured for every 1 Minute or every 5 Minutes after AutoStart.

AutoStart and AutoClose In-Built Timers are set to 10 seconds each.