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- DOWNLOAD "NR-UTC-V1-x64" -


There is a "Bug" with "GetTickCount"...

Win x86 - Uses "GetTickCount" - Works Correctly until "about 20 Days Uptime" - then the "Milliseconds TickCount" resets / goes backwards / goes to minus numbers / breaks...!!!

Win x64 - Uses "GetTickCount64" - Works without problems, BUT REQUIRES WIN x64 - !!! WON'T WORK ON WIN x86 !!!


!!! A "Rinse And Merge" of "NR-TICK-TOCK-CLOCK" and "NR-TINY-UPTIME" !!!

!!! Digital 24 Hour Clock, and Digital "PC UpTime" Display !!!

Clock has Custom Clock Colours, 10 individual Alarms, with Separate Message Windows, and can Run Commands when alarms activate.

UpTime shows "Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds" PC has been on for.

Double-Click the Time to open a larger clock window that duplicates the original smaller clock window.

Click the "NR" button to open the "Main Settings" Window.

I've discovered a really strange "bug" using TICK-TOCK-CLOCK under Win10 on my tablet - When TICK-TOCK-CLOCK is running, the "Start Menu" "Shutdown" popup menu that Win10 uses doesn't seem to work... as soon as you close TICK-TOCK-CLOCK, you are able to select options again in the "Shutdown" popup menu...

I am still researching this "bug", but to be honest, Win10 is pants, so I don't care really, sorry...

My new tablet has a 32Gb HardDisk, and Win10 uses about 10-15GB before any updates...

This "Bug" may be fixed now, but my tablet runs out of disk space before it finishes Win10 updates, so I think that says it all really...